And, so you are here. Welcome to the home of the Ninja Squad.

In 2016, forged in a gym full of fierce competition where tough challenges were set and, with a strong will power, equally met. With every challenge overcome, the foundation of what defines a Ninja was sculpted.

Making this squad a place where people felt a sense of belonging, respect, not just self-respect but also respect towards others. Rich or poor, male or female, no race, no religion, no politics, under the bar we are all the same. Positive mindset and attitude with an uncontrollable desire to do good towards others. Focused on positive relationships, living a healthy and balanced lifestyle. This my friend, is what it takes to become a Ninja.

Choose your crowd wisely – they will make or break you. The squad is waiting for you!




With no obligation to disclose or reveal any painful secrets, the objective is to make you comfortable and feel at home. You only disclose that which you are comfortable with. You only need tell me what you feel comfortable with.

We will spend a short amount of time defining your problem before working on the outcome. These sessions should not wear you out and you should be able to go straight back to work to continue your day. Most importantly the sessions are cost effective and will bring about positive change.


What would Ninja’s do:

 Ninja’s are highly trained warriors who used
their skills to overcome frightful odds. 
The secret to beating the matter always lies with planning /strategy.

  • OPEN MINDED Create the time and space to think rationally and intelligently about the issue on hand. 

  • RUTHLESSNESS Time management Ninjas have to make sharper, snappier decisions about how much information to process, when to protect the forest from the trees, and how to protect your time and attention.

  • STEALTH OF CAMOUFLAGE A ninja is a master of stealth, staying low-profile until it’s time to act. Protect your attention to ensure its spent on what you decide to spend it on.

  • UNORTHODOXY Don’t be afraid to try innovative solutions to routine problems. Shunning orthodoxy means you should never be afraid or embarrassed to ask for information or advice. ASK ASK ASK!

  • MINDFULNESS Your mind is your most important tool. A true ninja is emotionally intelligent and self-aware. (consciousness and un consciousness-raising tools) NLP

  • ACT WITH CONFIDENCE The ninja trained themselves to be confident and act without fear in all situations. Even when you don’t feel particularly confident, stand up straight and try to channel the feeling of confidence.

  • ZEN LIKE CALM Know how to calm down and trust your systems. Be prepared and organized, and ready for when times get rough.

  • WEAPON SAVVY Ninjas are skilful on their own, but they know how to use the right tools, implement changing anchors, understand that they are in charge of their own state.

  •  PREPARENESS Together, these characteristics work toward a state of constant preparedness.  “Preparedness, leads to magic — or even better, results.”

  • AGILITY A ninja needs to be light on their feet, able to respond with deftness to new opportunities or threats.”

  • PROBLEM SOLVER Ninja’s looked at problems as opportunities to learn.

  • AWARE /ESTABLISH RAPPORT/SUB MODALITIES The ninja needed to be totally aware of their environment, and that included the people in it. They studied body language and psychological techniques so that they could interpret their interactions and change one’s internal representations. NLP

  • KEEP EMOTIONS IN CHECK Mental agility was something the ninja trained hard for, and this included making emotions secondary to logical thought.


  • Life Coach Certification

  • NLP Practitioner Certification

  • NLP Coach Certification

  • Masters Life Coach

  • Fashion Stylist Certification

Don't just sit there, do something about it!